wtorek, 30 lipca 2013

Street Style - New York

I love her outfit. So colorful and fun. Look at that hat! Love her smile.
Normally I don’t like the “sports fan” outfit of the baseball cap, polos, cut-offs, and sneakers. But this guy pays attention to FIT … the outfit isn’t sloppy at all. He’s wearing a vibrant red top, and his socks are interesting. He looks so cool. Anyway they are cute couple :)

poniedziałek, 29 lipca 2013

Vintage Photos

Love the vintage photos! I love black and white photography! And including the environment in their portrait gives the whole photo a feel for the people and the times.My grandmother had so many pics like that and I see it like my childhood.  I think it could be on the cover of Tender is the Night or any other volume by Fitzgerald.This is pure elegance and fun for me, thank you Coco Chanel, for showing people that women could dress like this and still be women. It’s amazing, a red lipstick with that outfit, and you look incredible. Sometimes I just really want to live in those beautiful times!
Eva-DahmeWEB Paris 1958 - Photo By Fred Bonnet
http://www.slash.fr Does anyone else feel a draft? Vintage Photo Friday: This is exactly how we plan on spending our weekend too, Audrey.  Wartime Terminus by Bert Hardy
Paddington Station, London, 1942 Don’t leave her alone for too long…

Sharing your hotdog? Now that’s love!

niedziela, 28 lipca 2013

My Trip to London

I wanted to share a few personal photos from my trip to London some covered statues I stumbled upon. I had a great overall experience. 
I hope you like it, 

sobota, 27 lipca 2013

Summer interview with Daphne Groeneveld

Supermodel Secrets :

Daphne Groeneveld
What products do you use?
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè as a moisturizer and Bioderma Crealine and Kiehl’s to clean my skin.
And sunscreen?
Always, yes. Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF 50.
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?  
About an hour to take a shower, eat something and decide what to wear. I’ll put some mascara on, brush my hair and teeth, and then I’m ready to go. 
What sort of exercise do you do?
In Holland I have a personal trainer, Radmilo Soda,  who trains me when I’m at home. In New York, I go to Barry’s Bootcamp. I also run and do kickboxing. 
I actually have a few favorites: Dior Addict, Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty, D&G and Marc Jacobs.
Favorite summer destination?
Italy, hands down! It doesn’t matter where. When I was younger we went to Italy every year to lots of different places. I’m in love with Tuscany, Rome and all the beautiful beaches, great weather, and wonderful people.
How long do you stay at the beach?
All day. When I’m with friends or my boyfriend I love to hang out on the beach and have dinner while the sun is going down. 
Any advice for staying beautiful and healthy?
Drink lots of water, eat clean, and eat lots of veggies. Try to work out everyday, too. 
What do you eat to improve your skin?
I love juicing. When I wake up the first thing I do is make a juice with cucumber, lemon, ginger, apples and carrots or beetroot. I also try to eat fish a few times a week, usually salmon.
Preferred makeup brands?
I just use a Dior lip balm and a Chanel mascara.
How many hours do you sleep each night? 
I try to get between eight and 10 hours. I normally go to bed early and wake up early to work out. 
And your go-to nail polish color?
Just a clear base coat.